Call for Submissions: 82nd Down Under Feminists’ Carnival

It’s that time again! Yup, that’s right. It’s time for the monthly Feminist Collection of Awesomeness that is the Down Under Feminists’ Carnival. For the newbies, the DUFC is a collection of writing on broadly-defined feminist issues by Australian and New Zealand bloggers. It encompasses everything from political commentary to topics like race, gender, sexual … Continue reading

Why is Rape in Art ‘Exquisite’?

Content note: discussion (and non-explicit visuals) of sexual violence, rape apology. The internet has been somewhat crazy of late because a man wore a sexist shirt while being interviewed on TV, was called out on it, and subsequently apologised. It all wouldn’t have been such a big deal, really, except that all of a sudden … Continue reading

Recent Writings in Other Places

In between digging and travelling, the last few months have also sent a few asexuality-related media and writing opportunities my way. Two have just been published – a piece over at Mamamia which I wrote after being contacted by one of their writers, and a piece for the Observer written by Alex Preston, for which … Continue reading

Why I Am Assailable, Too

CONTENT WARNING: This post contains generalised discussion of sexual violence and rape, as well as detailed experiences of  an emotionally abusive incident and its aftermath (I guess that’s probably the best way to describe it). Although it’s a few days late, this post is for the August Carnival of Aces, on the theme of ‘the … Continue reading

Doubly Invisible

I’ve been pretty quiet these past few months, for several reasons. One is that I graduated from my degree (as valedictorian) in July, and there was a lot of busy stuff happening prior to that with uni. The other is that I’m currently working on archaeological digs, currently in Turkey, and next month in Italy. … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Matty Silver: Response

I received a reply from Matty Silver in response to my previous post, which I posted on Twitter. I thought I would share it here and add some final comments. Dear Jo, You say that the asexual community needs acceptance and support not disbelief and condemnation and you find my article “incredibly disappointing”. You state: “It … Continue reading

Why Asexual is a Label I Need: An Open Letter to Matty Silver

An open letter in response to Matty Silver’s article in the SMH: ‘Asexuality: Don’t be too hasty with labels.’ Dear Ms Silver, As an asexual person and an asexual activist, I am always happy to see asexuality featured in public discourse. As a sexual orientation, asexuality is woefully under-studied, under-discussed and under-represented in the media … Continue reading

Rosalie Kunoth-Monks on Q&A

On Monday night I had the privilege of hearing Arrernte Alyawarre elder Rosalie Kunoth-Monks speak about racism and assimilation and her culture on Q&A. I don’t have much to say about this powerful speech she gave (in response to former Liberal politician Peter Coleman’s argument that we should seemingly return to a policy of Aboriginal … Continue reading