Put a sexist joke on the end!

It’s so very hard to escape my feminism these days. I just can’t seem to do it anymore, and I can’t understand how other people, intelligent people I like a lot, just don’t pick up on instances of blatant sexism.

I went to the movies today with my family, something that doesn’t happen very often. The movie we went to watch, Hugo, was actually refreshing in its main characters, especially the intelligent, bookish Isabelle. But the trailers were what riled me up, one in particular: The Lorax.

It looked to lovely and promising to start off with: colourful, child-like Seuss-ian fun with an environmental message. I was really enjoying the trailer.

Until the last line.

 The Lorax is looking to pick a fight with a quite large woman. A looker-on tells the Lorax in a hushed voice:

Man: “You wouldn’t hit a woman?”

Lorax: “THAT’s a woman?”

Please, please tell me that I’m not overreacting. That comment is sexist to the bone, with all sorts of harmful and downright wrong assumptions about what a woman is. It was a disgusting comment to make.

And yet, when I tried to point it out to my family afterwards, I was told the usual nonsense of how “it’s just a kids’ movie” and “it’s not sexist, you’re just overreacting.” I tried explaining why it was offensive with the analogy of someone saying to a person with a disability “that’s a person?” (my stepdad has a disability – it was the first analogy I could think of), but they still didn’t understand.

And I just don’t get how they could not see it.

Here’s the trailer for your reference:

5 thoughts on “Put a sexist joke on the end!

  1. I saw that trailer in the cinema the other day, and I agree with you!
    Also, “This Means War”, which does look like a fun rom-com, has one at the end: Reese Witherspoon and Chelsea Handler are talking whilst being spied on by the two dudes. One of them says at the end, “Why is she (Reese) taking advice from that old man (Chelsea?” who looks like ANYTHING but an old man.
    Ahhhh, feminism. Sometimes ignorance is a good thing when it ruins little comments you can’t laugh off anymore…. 😦

  2. Did you get annoyed at Ted/Audrey’s whole “you can immediately win a girl’s love/affection if you get her stuff” thing like I did? I saw it as like a very mild version of Nice Guys(TM) and the whole “okay so I’ve taken you out on a date and bought you flowers, sex happens now right?” situation. Mild, but it still pissed me off. Also because it changed the Once-ler, who I was reading as asexual (actually I still do, I disregard the following OOC moment) because he made that “If a guy does something stupid once, it’s because he’s a guy, but if he does it twice it must be for a girl” comment. (I pretend that comment never happened, although I did like the “how nice to see to see someone so undeterred by such things as REALITY” snark XD) Epic side-eye to a slight modification of the “boys will be boys” trope, and then my reaction to the latter part was “HE COULD BE GAY YOU DON’T KNOW THAT” (he could be anything, or have any motivation, really).

    Basically I loved The Once-ler, I wish his story took up the whole movie and he got to solve his own problems rather than bloody gender-normative blatantly-heterosexual Ted. Minus the few sexist comments by the Lorax, naturally.

    1. I didn’t actually end up seeing the movie, but yeah, that sort of stupid heteronormativity/stereotypical stuff really bothers me. Although I may now, if you say you read one of the characters as ace! 😛

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