International Women’s Day Linkspamming

Happy International Women’s Day to all my lovely readers out there! I hope you all had a wonderful, empowering day. Personally, I’m also celebrating having hit 5,000 views of this blog a few days ago. It makes me feel very happy and privileged that people out there find this blog worth their time.

In honour of the day I though I’d share some things I’ve read recently and enjoyed. They’re not related to IWD or any specific topic. I hope you’ll enjoy them!


How Many Women Find Street Harassment Flattering? In response to a post by “The Riot”, one Tumblr user speculated that “many women” find the attention that of street harassment enjoyable. So I asked the question, how many women? So far, the answer is zero.

Bettina Arndt You’re Busted! An awesome response to a truly horrible opinion piece in The Age on how women “flaunt” their sexual power by “dressing like sluts” and then get angry when anyone even looks at them.

Open letter to the Liberal Party: Six reasons I will never vote for Tony Abbott. Look! Even people considering voting Liberal hate Tony Abbott. That’s quite an achievement.

The Day I Declare all Women Beautiful: An analysis of a Facebook meme that tries to get things right about body image (well, maybe) but gets it oh so wrong. (TW for discussion of fat-shaming in relation to the meme.)

Sexism and our Politics Yes, Bob Brown called it out. Australian politics is sexist. Here are some of the things that have been going on recently.

The Politics of Anger: Why White Men Don’t Get AngryIt’s a shame this sort of thing even needs to be said. But read the article, it’s an excellent piece. Quote: Get angry. Don’t believe the lie that our emotions, our rage springs from our gender, race, class, or caste. It comes from our need to see the world change.

Asexuality, Sherlock and an interview with Steven Moffat An excellent deconstruction of what Moffat says in an interview in regards to Sherlock’s sexuality, and why it’s not good enough.

We are all bad feminists, really. A look at how none of us are perfect, feminists, however hard we try. Something I need to try to keep in mind sometimes.

Thin Privilege and Size Acceptance: An exploration. When you are thin people automatically assume that you DID something to be thin, as if THINNESS itself were a virtue and fatness were a sign of major characteristic deviancy. Clue…thinness is not a virtue, it doesn’t make you a better person PERIOD.

Alternate A clever short story written by a friend of mine from the UQ Women’s Collective. I have to admit: I fell for it completely. (It was kinda pathetic really.) Definitely worth reading!

UQ Wom*news Zine The zine of the UQ Women’s Collective. Some pieces are cross-posted to the blog, but you can also find whole issues there.

The Forty-Sixth Down Under Feminists Carnival hosted by Chally at Zero at the Bone. Check out the excellent posts that Australian and New Zealand feminists have to offer this month!

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