Call for Sumbissions: Carnival of Aces

Yes, I know the last post was also a call for submissions and I am indeed hosting two different carnivals this month.

I’m hosting the July edition of Carnival of Aces! It’s a blog carnival for writing on asexuality, demisexuality, grey-asexuality and aromanticism.

The theme for this carnival is compulsory sexuality. Feel free to interpret the theme any way you like! Post your thoughts to your blog and send me a link at, or otherwise leave me a comment on this post. You have until the 1st July to write something (or send in someone else’s post!), and the carnival will be hosted on the 2nd or 3rd, depending on how many people submit.

I’ll also be collecting links for any other writing on asexuality posted during June, so send me lots of links! If you don’t have a blog or a tumblr or something, I’m happy to host your post on my blog.

Get cracking!

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