Down Under Feminists’ Carnival

Hello everyone!


I know it is a bit late to announce this, but at the beginning of July I will be hosting the 50th Edition of the Down Under Feminists’ Carnival. It’s a wonderful blog carnival held each month at a different Australian or New Zealand blog.

You have until the 2nd July to submit anything interesting that you have found or written in the month of June – as long as it’s from an Australian or New Zealand blog, and as long as it is first posted in June. You can email submissions to me at, or submit them via the Blogcarnival form. Anything with a feminist interest or any intersecting topics is welcome.

I decided to have a bit of a theme this month. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about gender and gender essentialism, especially around what the word “woman” really means, especially in feminism. So if you have some thoughts on the topic, however broadly related, feel free to write something up and submit it! The theme is purely optional, and I will still be collating the normal type of carnival as well.

Join me on the 5th July for the 50th edition milestone! There will be cake.

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