Carnival of Aces – July 2012 Edition

Welcome to the July Edition of Carnival of Aces!

This month’s theme was compulsory sexuality. Unfortunately there were only two submissions (and one of my own), both of which are a really excellent read.

From Concept Awesome, we have Compulsory sexuality, or why dating and being asexual can be very confusing, especially if people keep giving you dumb puberty books. The title is pretty much self-explanatory!

Another excellent post from Notes of an Asexual Muslim, simply titled Compulsory Sexuality, with some lovely discussion on compulsory heterosexuality and asexuality, intersectionalities and feminism.

And my own submission on Sex-Positivity, Compulsory Sexuality and Intersecting Identities, which covers a range of topics as well as asexuality and compulsory sexuality in the sex-positive framework.


Elsewhere in the world of asexual blogging and writing, here’s a round-up of posts and discussions that stood out to me throughout the month of June.

Fiish writes about Being Black and Asexual in a White Society, with a very interesting art history perspective!

Sciatrix at TL;DR talks about different ways of modeling attraction and the uses and limitations of creating such models in Attraction meta-modeling.

The Thinking Asexual writes about how “Platonic Love” is a problematic term – especially in reference to the binary division of romantic or sexual love and platonic love.

SwankIvy at Everyday Ignorance writes about the usefulness of labels and distinctions inside the asexual community, and people on the outside who try to define our experiences for us, in On the Inside.

The Venus of Willendork posts about sexual repression and exploring one’s identity in the asexual community in Hide and Seek.

A post at an asexual space on writing fiction and disclosing personal information and having the “credentials” to write asexual or transgender characters: What am I willing to share?

Amred the Lector at Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat answers the question “if you’re asexual, why do you keep posting things about sex?”

Charlie the Unicorn, Ace Detective posts about the relationship between sexual and romantic orientation and the way that they seem to influence each other despite being separate from each other.

Kritik Der Populären Vernunft has some thoughts on the word “queer” and its relation to asexuality.

And finally, I wrote about why I choose to label myself as asexual, and that anyone telling me not to label myself needs to check their privilege.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Carnival of Aces! If you have any great posts or links I’ve missed for this month, please leave a comment or drop me an email and I’ll add it to the list. Don’t forget to check out Sciatrix’ master post on who will be hosting the carnival next month!

8 thoughts on “Carnival of Aces – July 2012 Edition

  1. The deadline for this was listed as 31st July. I wondered if that was a typo, but June doesn’t have a 31st, so I thought it was accurate. I’m guessing, in retrospect, it wasn’t?

    1. Oh god, what a horrible gaffe! My profoundest apologies. Were you planning on writing something? I’ll definitely still include things if other people turn anything in. *dies of embarassment*

      1. No, I didn’t have anything started or underway, I was thinking about writing something later in the month.

        It’s okay– the dates for Carnival of Aces have always been really confusing (the carnival for one month is run the month before) so I thought maybe this was an extra-long carnival to correct for that. Not a problem!

      2. Yeah, it is a little confusing, isn’t it? Hope the carnival keeps going though, no idea who’s hosting next. A lot of the ace blogs seem to have died.

      1. I changed it. Maybe I shouldn’t have. Probably I should put an edit at the bottom. Oh the things to do!

  2. Great selection of links – I really enjoyed reading these. I’m not asexual myself but I have a wide spectrum of people and associated identities and relationship styles in my life, and much of this is relevant and of interest to me 🙂

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