Where I have been

I’ve been a bit preoccupied the last two weeks. Uni has started again and I am trying to balance having just moved houses, classes and a lot of activism that has suddenly come up. Sadly balancing hasn’t been going too well, and I’m finding myself a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Like Alice, I’m running faster and faster and doing more and more things and seem to be still getting nowhere.

As such I haven’t been posting much recently, and probably won’t be posting much this month until I’ve sat down and managed to get some things back under control. Sometimes it’s hard to realise just how overwhelmed you are, because you feel like you are getting so many things done when in reality you are only scratching the surface. So I need to step back for a moment and see where I want to keep going and where I want to put things on hold and let someone else get involved.

It’s something that doesn’t come easily to me, because I want to be out there doing everything. But everything isn’t possible and I tend to forget that, so I have to make sure that I get myself back into a good place and figure out what is really most important to me.

I feel like I’ve said the same thing three times now, but such is my mind at the moment. I’ll be back, eventually.

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