9 thoughts on “Coming Out to the World

  1. Good on you, Jo. How did you manage to get the attention of CLEO?
    You’re the first in the family to have ever made it into anty mag, you know? I’m proud of you! Dad

    1. Thanks Dad! The writer who interviewed me contacted me via my blog. I’ve actually had another magazine contact me since as well, it must be a thing at the moment! Good to know that the blog works, though.

  2. No mention of demi, gray, pan, or that some are aromantic, some romantic, some aromantic, some are hetero some are homo. Incomplete article.

    1. You’ll notice that I did not say anywhere that I assumed to speak for all asexual people. I hardly think it’s fair for you to jump on me like that.

      I’m well aware that there are different orientations within asexuality. However I didn’t write the article myself – it was put together from the interview I gave, where I did talk about different romantic and aromantic orientations as well. I’m assuming that the journalist’s word limit stopped her going into detail, but the article does say there are many types of asexual people. In this context of this article for this magazine, I was very happy with the way I was protrayed, and that the article gives a positive first impression of asexuality. That’s all it is. It’s not the bible of asexuality.

    2. Too many labels at this stage will confuse people. People have difficulty understanding asexuality so lets not bombard them with lots of other labels.
      I get confused and I’ve been on aven for 4 years.

      1. Yes, I agree. I’m aware that I am writing from the point of view that’s often associated with the “unassailable asexual” idea and the influence that has, but it’s much better to be intoduced to asexuality bit by bit, especially considering that the Cleo readership is very heterosexual.

        I still get confused every now and then as well!

  3. Remember that satire, ‘The Job of Sex’? It shouldn’t be a social obligation. No one should do something that important to please others.

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