Reblog: 58th Down Under Feminists’ Carnival

For anyone who has missed it, the 58th edition of the Down Under Feminists’ Carnival has been posted! This one was a collaboration of Emma, Madeline and I from the UQ Women’s Collective. Enjoy!


Welcome, welcome, to the 74th annual Hunger Games!
*Ahem* …to the 58th Down Under Feminists’ Carnival, hosted by Johanna, Emma and Madeline from the UQ Women’s Collective in our zine Wom*news’ blog.

Without futher ado:


Geek Grrrls

Packed To The Rafters

  • Chris Miller at The Little Pakeha talks about the recent twitter trend #INeedMasculinismBecause and explores the statistical truth behind fathers who complain about child custody court rulings.
  • QOT at Ideologically Impureemphasises Miller’s ideas, showing that the low percentage of fathers who file for custody of their children, and how fathers are socialised to parent, is another case of…

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