Graphing Physical and Emotional Closeness

Hi everyone!

I’ve recently been accepted as a new contributor to The Asexual Agenda, a collaborative blog focused on writing on asexuality and its intersections from a non-101 perspective. It’s largely a place for people on the asexual spectrum to go on big rambles together while theorising on the side, but other readers might enjoy it too.

This is the first post I’ve written for the blog: I hope you enjoy it!

The Asexual Agenda

Hello readers! My name’s Jo, and I’m excited to be on board as a new contributor at The Asexual Agenda. You can find out a little more about me on the contributors’ page, or at my own blog, A Life Unexamined. I look forward to writing for you all.

I thought I’d start my first post here with some discussion of physical affection and emotional connection, following on from some interesting threads I’ve been reading on AVEN recently.

Often in society at large, we get the idea that the more physically close you are to someone, the more emotionally close you are to them as well, and the closer your relationship is in general. This manifests in a view of relationships as progressive, based on criteria of physical behaviour: you start spending time with someone, you kiss, you make out, you progress to other sexual activity, and all the…

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