Casual Misogyny on Top Gear

Sometimes I am genuinely surprised at the sort of casual misogyny I encounter.

Last night Top Gear was on the television (not my choice of show, I was not the person wielding the remote). The presenters announce that they will now be answering the question that has plagued them throughout every show: ‘is *insert fancy fast car name here* faster than A WOMAN?’

The feminist in me is already cringing, because I doubt this will go well. But I am floored by the next comment.

‘But don’t worry, we haven’t got some massive dump truck in leggings to come along… [We have this lady], very sportively wearing a bikini.’

I don’t think I even need to explain why this gets a giant NO from me – especially seeing as Top Gear has been frequently criticised for sexism: for example here, here and here. Seriously, folks. Sometimes, it would be nice to see people on TV showing some basic human decency.

The clip is below: the sound quality is really bad, but you can hear it if you turn the volume right up.

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