Call for Submissions: December Carnival of Aces

This month I’ll be hosting the Carnival of Aces, a monthly blog carnival dedicated to writings on asexuality and related topics. You can find out more information about the carnival as well as past editions here at The Asexual Agenda. Make sure you check out the November edition, which has just been posted at River Song Is Not My Role Model!


The theme I’ve chosen for December is change. How you interpret this is totally up to you! I’ve purposefully chosen a broad theme, and I think it will fit in well with the end of the year which is quickly approaching.

Here are some things I was thinking about when pondering theme choices – feel free to go with anything that pops into your head.

  • If you’ve only recently started identifying as asexual or ace-spectrum, what has changed in your life since then? Are there aspects of your life that you expect will change in the future?
  • If you’re someone who has identified as ace for a long time now, has anything about your identity changed over time? Do you see yourself differently, or has your behaviour changed in any way?
  • Has your perception of what asexuality means and signifies changed at all? Are there things that you see differently now than you did in the past? Do life and sexuality and relationships make more or less sense to you now?
  • In the political or broader social sphere, have you noticed any changes in the way (a)sexuality is conceptualised and talked about? What would you like to see change?
  • Do you think the asexual community is changing? Is that a good or a bad thing, or something in between?

If you want to write and submit a post for the carnival, you can either leave a comment on this post with the link, or submit your post via email to jo.alifeunexamined(at)gmail(dot)com. If you don’t have a blog or anywhere to post your thoughts, I’m very happy to guest post it here on your behalf. Submissions are due by January 2, 2014 (gosh, 2014!).

I look forward to receiving everyone’s submissions! I hope you all have a lovely December.

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