Asexuality on The Feed

A few months ago I was contacted by Jeanette Francis of SBS2’s The Feed, about doing a feature on asexuality. It aired last night and once I got over my fit of procrastination and giggles I thought it turned out rather well.

Warning: there is porn at the start, which makes this kinda NSFW or for viewing in front of housemates with the volume up.

I’m happy that I’m able to do my bit for asexual awareness! Although I do hope this never gets back to my Latin teachers. *sigh*

Also: my apartment is awesome.


9 thoughts on “Asexuality on The Feed

  1. Jo this is brilliant! Well done and it’s so good that they’ve let you speak your story.

    I have also recorded an interview on fat activism for The Feed due to go to air in a week or so. Seeing how well they’ve done your piece gives me a little more peace of mind.

    1. Thank you Kath! I’ll keep an eye out for your piece (you’ll link to it, I’m sure) as well, it sounds excellent! I’m sure it will be treated much the same as my interview, I have quite good faith in The Feed team. Who did you do the interview with?

      1. Yes hopefully they’ll YouTube it like yours and I can do a blog post like you have. My interview was with Mike Clay, who was very nice (my friend Kerri’s dog loved him, she’s a good judge of character!) and the camera/sound man’s name was Miles. You are brave letting them in your house, I won’t let any media anywhere near mine. Luckily I have the gorgeous waterfront nearby to film on.

  2. Thank you Jo. You continue to be my hero , for putting Asexual awareness into the community, and a heartfelt congratulations to ‘the Feed’

    1. Aww, thank you, Jack! Raising awareness is definitely something that is important to me, and something there should be more of. 🙂

  3. I wrote about this in my blog. You were brilliant, Jo. It’s not your fault, however, I do wish romantic orientation could’ve been talked about a bit mor. You were brilliant though. 🙂

    1. Thanks Sara! I’ll have to go check out what you wrote. 🙂

      I agree with you on the romantic orientations front – I talked about it quite a bit in the interview, but because I had made a conscious decision to not talk about my relationship (for multiple reasons), I expected the emphasis to be much more on not-having-sex than anything else, because they really wanted a personal approach. I guess the pitfalls of all media is that it can only ever cover so much in one five-minute feature!

  4. Nice article you got there. But i have been pondering within me what the term Asexuality really meant. To start with,i believe we are all entitled to our opinion. My question now is,if you claim not to be pretty much interested in sex,love and romance,then only one factor which is the X-factor of mastubation settles it. Hope you don’t mind throwing more lights on that.

    1. The question of whether somoeone masturbates or not actually has very little to do with whether they identify as asexual or not. Because asexuality is about attraction/orientation and not about behaviour, there are asexual people who masturbate and asexual people who don’t. Some compare it to scratching an itch or do it just for the physical pleasure associated, but the majority of asexuals will say that that is a very personal thing that they don’t feel the need to share with others, and don’t attribute much value/importance to it. So masturbation isn’t an ‘X-factor’ at all, it’s actually pretty irrelevant for defining asexuality.

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