Carnival of Aces: September 2015

Welcome to the round-up for the September Carnival of Aces!

Carnival of Aces banner3

This month’s theme was ‘living asexuality,’ and there were some really great submissions. A big thank you to everyone who wrote something for the carnival – it’s been really lovely reading about all your different experiences.

luvtheheaven writes on Non-Libidoism and Asexuality (aka: I have never had a sex drive, so does that explain why I’m asexual?).

redbeardace of The Asexuality Archive posted two submissions, on being asexual and having social anxiety, and on being ace at work.

onlyfragments posted a poem about being ace and reaching out.

Sara K. of the notes which do not fit writes on the impact of who shares your residence.

Laura of Notes of an Asexual Muslim writes about having a greater sense of what’s possible as an asexual person.

Elizabeth of Prismatig Entanglements writes about asexuality, hypothyroidism and PTSD.

Dominique of Lordly Cypress writes about their personal journey with asexuality and autism.

Kaleigh writes about being a proud, lucky ace.

Siggy wrote about living gay (and ace) at The Asexual Agenda.

Talia also posted to The Asexual Agenda on living as a sex-favourable ace.

Lib writes about their experience being aromantic and asexual (guest-posted to my tumblr).

Acing My Own Adventure writes about being asexual with an exception.

Nicola of A Heart Full of Love writes about liminality and living at the edges of different labels.

demigray writes about being ace, gender identity and friendships.

And, finally, Jo wrote about the uncertainties of an un-partnered, asexual future.

The next Carnival of Aces will be hosted by luvtheheaven, on the theme of Aromanticism and the Aromantic Spectrum. Go check out the call for submissions!

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