The 82nd Edition of the Down Under Feminists’ Carnival

The DUFC is a collection of writing on broadly-defined feminist issues by Australian and New Zealand bloggers. It encompasses everything from political commentary to topics like race, gender, sexual inequality, queer issues, disability, human rights and social justice, sex and relationships, fat politics, feminist theory and more.

Welcome to the 82nd Edition of the Down Under Feminists’ Carnival!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this edition! I hope you all enjoy. … More The 82nd Edition of the Down Under Feminists’ Carnival


Why is Rape in Art ‘Exquisite’?

Content note: discussion (and non-explicit visuals) of sexual violence, rape apology.

The internet has been somewhat crazy of late because a man wore a sexist shirt while being interviewed on TV, was called out on it, and subsequently apologised. It all wouldn’t have been such a big deal, really, except that all of a sudden feminism was being charged with obliterating a man’s scientific achievements and censoring artistic expression. Or so the media circus went.

I have been travelling lately, around Italy, and as such I have been in a lot of museums and galleries. I mainly went to these places to see the Roman collections, as I don’t pretend to be very interested or knowledgeable about art in general. But I also dropped in on a few other exhibitions, to see the sort of things generally seen as part of the canon of the Western artistic tradition, the masters, if you will.

Turns out, the masters seemed to be fascinated with rape, especially scenes of rape from Classical myth. Proserpina, the Sabines, Lucretia. On more than one occasion, I wished I’d brought along a pen and paper so I could make little placards to stick next to the paintings and sculptures. ‘Warning,’ they would have said, ‘this piece contains scenes of violence against women.’ I wonder if that would have caused a similar media circus to shirtgate. … More Why is Rape in Art ‘Exquisite’?

On Race, Gender and the Recent Brisbane Murders

Content note for violence against women and people of colour. Last week, a young woman was murdered in Brisbane. Police managed to identify her as an international student from France called Sophie Collumbet. She was brutally beaten by her attacker, probably while on her way home. In recent times, three other international students were also … More On Race, Gender and the Recent Brisbane Murders

Not Being Sexist Isn’t That Difficult (even in gaming)

Not being sexist is really not as hard as people make it out to be. Not even in the gaming world. Surprising, huh? As a feminist, I’ve heard a lot about sexism and misogyny in the gaming world, especially through projects like Feminist Frequency. I’ve seen some of the horrific backlash and abuse that happens … More Not Being Sexist Isn’t That Difficult (even in gaming)