Being an Ally to Asexual People (A Guide)

Awareness and visibility of asexuality are increasing every day, and it makes me really happy to see people who are willing to make their voices heard and speak up for asexual people – be they ace themselves or not.

Unfortunately, there’s also still a significant gap in common knowledge about what asexuality actually means and looks like. Because of this, I’ve seen quite a few articles and posts by non-asexual people that just don’t get it quite right, and end up reproducing the same harmful myths and stereotypes we as ace people are trying to fight. See for example Tracy Moore’s recent piece on Jezebel.The intentions are probably good, and there are some things that it gets right, but overall it just shows a lack of research and understanding that isn’t doing us any favours.

On the other hand, I have seen a lot of comments sections of good pieces on asexuality degenerate into hostility, aggressive questioning, and demands to somehow ‘prove’ our identities or our oppression in a way that is acceptable to the non-asexual reader. See for example this slightly older piece from Feministe, and pretty much everything else on the mainstream internet. Some are actually interested in learning about asexuality, but just haven’t figured out how to be a proper ally yet.

So what does it mean to be an ally to asexual people? I’ve written on this before, but I wanted to revise that original post and put together a slightly more comprehensive resource for anyone interested in learning more about asexuality and how to be a supportive ally … More Being an Ally to Asexual People (A Guide)

Why Asexual is a Label I Need: An Open Letter to Matty Silver

An open letter in response to Matty Silver’s article in the SMH: ‘Asexuality: Don’t be too hasty with labels.’ Dear Ms Silver, As an asexual person and an asexual activist, I am always happy to see asexuality featured in public discourse. As a sexual orientation, asexuality is woefully under-studied, under-discussed and under-represented in the media … More Why Asexual is a Label I Need: An Open Letter to Matty Silver