An Annotated Australian National Anthem

For this Australia Invasion Day, let us all reflect on what makes this country so great, using the words of the Australian National Anthem (annotated version).

Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free;

I don’t know about free, but Australia certainly isn’t young: close to sixty thousand years of continuous occupation by Indigenous peoples sounds pretty damn old to me. But we don’t like to talk about that, do we? We like to think that the first people (that is, people who are actually considered people) who settled here landed on Australia’s shores on the 26th of January 1788. (To avoid future confusion: they came by boat, but they were by no means ‘Boat People.’) Even our former Prime Minister likes to say that Australia was ‘nothing but bush’ before white people arrived. So yeah, I guess you can definitely say we’re a ‘young’ nation … More An Annotated Australian National Anthem

Call for Submissions: 82nd Down Under Feminists’ Carnival

It’s that time again! Yup, that’s right. It’s time for the monthly Feminist Collection of Awesomeness that is the Down Under Feminists’ Carnival. For the newbies, the DUFC is a collection of writing on broadly-defined feminist issues by Australian and New Zealand bloggers. It encompasses everything from political commentary to topics like race, gender, sexual … More Call for Submissions: 82nd Down Under Feminists’ Carnival

Check out the 55th Down Under Feminists Carnival!

Not much to say today, other than that everyone should check out the 55th Edition of the Down Under Feminists’ Carnival over at the news with nipples! Kim has done a fantastic job putting together this month’s edition – there were so many excellent posts that I almost drooled all over my keyboard. And all … More Check out the 55th Down Under Feminists Carnival!