Review: The Fabulous Feminist (Suniti Namjoshi)

Last year I was asked to write a review of a forthcoming collection of the works of Suniti Namjoshi for the Australian Women’s Book Review, which was published online earlier this year. I’ve had a busy first week at uni, so I thought it would make a good filler post until I write up some … More Review: The Fabulous Feminist (Suniti Namjoshi)

Feminists in Fiction: Keladry of Mindelan (Tamora Pierce)

This post in the third in a series of posts on my favourite feminist characters and female role models in books and TV. Check out my other posts on Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Martha from Doctor Who! One of my favourite fantasy authors is Tamora Pierce, who basically could be given the … More Feminists in Fiction: Keladry of Mindelan (Tamora Pierce)

Exams and Linkspams

See what I did there? It rhymes! I’ve been reading some really great posts lately, in between exam revision, so I thought I’d share some of the ones that stood out for me. I really empathised with this post by Unladylike Musings on rude men and rape culture. I do almost everything to avoid drawing … More Exams and Linkspams

Interview with a Feminist Author: Joanne Hornimann (Part Two)

For part one of the interview, click here. Do you think that there is such thing as women’s writing (as separate to “normal” writing/men’s writing)? My character Sophie ponders this in My Candlelight Novel, and I don’t think she comes to a firm conclusion. Virginia Woolf said that you shouldn’t write as a woman or … More Interview with a Feminist Author: Joanne Hornimann (Part Two)

Interview with a Feminist Author: Joanne Hornimann

(Please excuse my terrible unoriginal post title.) I’m extremely lucky to know Joanne Hornimann – possibly the author whose novels lie closest to my heart and my experience. I’d read some of her novels before, but my main love for her writing came around while I was spending my gap year in Germany and was … More Interview with a Feminist Author: Joanne Hornimann

Books I Have Bought

Today was the opening day of the Brisbane Bookfest, where three of the convention centre’s halls are filled with tables and those tables filled with second-hand books, most of which you can buy for $2.50 each. (There’s an expensive section too, but I prefer the cheaper sections with the slightly more worn books. I am … More Books I Have Bought