Naked Bodies = Sex

In western society, it’s generally thought that nudity is something that belongs in private, and not in public. As a kid, running around without clothes on isn’t really frowned upon – it’s considered innocent and natural. But as soon as you hit puberty or thereabouts, it suddenly becomes less ok, unless you’re in the privacy … More Naked Bodies = Sex

Sex-Positivity, Compulsory Sexuality and Intersecting Identities

You know that post about asexuality and feminism where I said that I am strongly agreed with sex-positivism, even if I couldn’t see it as something pertaining directly to me? I’ve been doing a bit of thinking and reading about sex-positivism lately, especially posts that are a bit more critical of some of the ways … More Sex-Positivity, Compulsory Sexuality and Intersecting Identities

Being an Ace Feminist

I’ve been thinking about the way that my identity as a feminist and my identity as asexual intersect. Although I discovered feminism and asexuality around the same time, I’ve only started pondering their influence on each other over the last few weeks. One of the big, underlying feminist ideas (for me at least) is the … More Being an Ace Feminist