Recent Writings in Other Places

In between digging and travelling, the last few months have also sent a few asexuality-related media and writing opportunities my way. Two have just been published – a piece over at Mamamia which I wrote after being contacted by one of their writers, and a piece for the Observer written by Alex Preston, for which … Continue reading

Doubly Invisible

I’ve been pretty quiet these past few months, for several reasons. One is that I graduated from my degree (as valedictorian) in July, and there was a lot of busy stuff happening prior to that with uni. The other is that I’m currently working on archaeological digs, currently in Turkey, and next month in Italy. … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Matty Silver: Response

I received a reply from Matty Silver in response to my previous post, which I posted on Twitter. I thought I would share it here and add some final comments. Dear Jo, You say that the asexual community needs acceptance and support not disbelief and condemnation and you find my article “incredibly disappointing”. You state: “It … Continue reading

Why Asexual is a Label I Need: An Open Letter to Matty Silver

An open letter in response to Matty Silver’s article in the SMH: ‘Asexuality: Don’t be too hasty with labels.’ Dear Ms Silver, As an asexual person and an asexual activist, I am always happy to see asexuality featured in public discourse. As a sexual orientation, asexuality is woefully under-studied, under-discussed and under-represented in the media … Continue reading

Rosalie Kunoth-Monks on Q&A

On Monday night I had the privilege of hearing Arrernte Alyawarre elder Rosalie Kunoth-Monks speak about racism and assimilation and her culture on Q&A. I don’t have much to say about this powerful speech she gave (in response to former Liberal politician Peter Coleman’s argument that we should seemingly return to a policy of Aboriginal … Continue reading

Atheism, Truth and Morality

There has been a bit of a conversation going on over at The Asexual Agenda about the intersection of asexuality and religion. This morning Siggy weighed in with a post on his own stance on atheism, and how that impacts on being asexual. I don’t have any particular experiences with atheism impacting on my asexuality … Continue reading

Asexuality on The Feed

A few months ago I was contacted by Jeanette Francis of SBS2’s The Feed, about doing a feature on asexuality. It aired last night and once I got over my fit of procrastination and giggles I thought it turned out rather well. Warning: there is porn at the start, which makes this kinda NSFW or … Continue reading

Rape in the News: better, but not there yet

Content note for rape and sexual assault. So Brisbane doesn’t seen to be a very nice place if you’re a woman at the moment. Yesterday, my housemate showed me a QLD Police announcement that a man had been arrested for rape in a park near Roma St. My heart went out to the female victim … Continue reading

A Confluence of Little Things

Content note for asexual erasure and invalidation. Sometimes the little things are what really gets to you. The way they just sneak themselves into an experience and jump out at you when you’re no looking. The way they all tend to happen at the same time. A confluence of annoyances. * * * A week … Continue reading

Questions of Identity

As a teenager, I learned very quickly that there are some things that you just can’t do in public in Australia. Every year at the end of April, I am reminded of the one that has always stood above the rest: questioning Anzac Day. I remember tentatively expressing my doubts as to its validity and … Continue reading