On Race, Gender and the Recent Brisbane Murders

Content note for violence against women and people of colour. Last week, a young woman was murdered in Brisbane. Police managed to identify her as an international student from France called Sophie Collumbet. She was brutally beaten by her attacker, probably while on her way home. In recent times, three other international students were also … Continue reading

A Month of Cranky Ladies

March is Women’s History Month, which is probably my favourite month of the year because women and history are one of my particular academic interests. his year, March has also been the month of Fablecroft’s Cranky Ladies of History crowdfunding campaign, which I also have a vested interest in – not just because women in … Continue reading

The Asexual Story Project is live!

That project I’ve been working on? It’s now live! You can visit the site here or by clicking the banner above. The Asexual Story Project is a place where people who identify with the asexual community can share their personal stories about being asexual, coming out, relationships, or anything their heart desires. At present the … Continue reading

The Reality of Disadvantage

Last week I put in an application to be an outreach ambassador at my university, to work with high school students from low socio-economic and Indigenous backgrounds and encourage them to continue their education at uni. One of the desirable qualities in the position description was ‘has an understanding of how disadvantage affects education.’ I … Continue reading

Not Being Sexist Isn’t That Difficult

Not being sexist is really not as hard as people make it out to be. Not even in the gaming world. Surprising, huh? As a feminist, I’ve heard a lot about sexism and misogyny in the gaming world, especially through projects like Feminist Frequency. I’ve seen some of the horrific backlash and abuse that happens … Continue reading

The Value of Telling Stories

Over at The Asexual Agenda, I’ve written a post on the value of sharing and listening to personal stories about asexuality, alongside the more political and theoretical discussions we have in the ace community. The post also announces a new project I’m working on, creating such a space. You can head over to the original … Continue reading

Caught In Between

Sometimes, as an asexual person, it feels like I am constantly stuck in between, in some sort of liminal space that doesn’t seem to have a destination on either side. I’m stuck between straight and queer, because although queer has felt right to me for as long as I’ve known of its existence, that idea … Continue reading

Carnival of Aces – December 2013 Edition

Welcome to the December edition of the Carnival of Aces! The theme I chose for this month’s carnival was change, which seemed fitting because it was both the end of the year and my own two-year anniversary of discovering asexuality. We’ve had some wonderful submissions this month! Taking stock of my asexuality at lunas specto: … Continue reading