A retirement post

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for the blog. It’s not necessarily because there aren’t things I would like to write about – every now and then I still have those big flashed of inspiration where I think of five new posts I want to write. But those posts just don’t seem to get written anymore. So I’ve decided that it’s probably time to retire from the blog.

It’s been a hard decision. I have genuinely loved writing much of this blog, especially when I hear from people that I’ve actually helped them in their own lives. Those comments have warmed my heart on many occasions. It’s also been hard in that as bloggers, I think lots of us put pressure on ourselves to keep writing and producing at the same high standard for ages and ages. So there’s a sense of guilt related to retiring as well. But I think I’ve made peace with that.

There are a couple of reasons I’ve decided to retire. I don’t really have the motivation to do the actual writing anymore, and to be honest, when I have written something, I don’t have the energy to engage with the comments. Especially when some of those, the ones that don’t make it to public view, are calling me a fat ugly cunt (excuse the language). Or when I see that one of my years-old posts has been shared on some far-right student politics site and is being held up as an example of everything wrong with the leftie, hairy-armpitted, man-hating world. (Pretty sure every female blogger knows what that feels like.)

But the main reason is far more positive – it’s that my life has changed quite a bit over the past six months, and I’ve got lots of new exciting projects I’m working on, and lots of new exciting ways of changing the world open to me. So this is just me moving on. And recognising that over the past four years, I’ve actually written over 200,000 words of awesome stuff! I feel like that’s something to celebrate.

So thanks for following – it’s been a great ride.

10 thoughts on “A retirement post

  1. I’m really glad that there’s positive reasons for the retirement! And there’s no need to feel guilty.
    Thank you for contributing what you *have* written over the years- so many of your words (+ others on the Ace Agenda etc) have impacted me in what I see as a positive way (including when I was first learning about my identity!) and helped me become a person more capable of critical thought with a more complex understanding of people (for want of a better phrase. ^_^” ).

  2. 😥 The end of en era, eh? I have really enjoyed what have you written and thank you for your work on asexuality visibility. You’re an inspiration to other asexual bloggers, such as myself.

    Good luck for the future, whatever that may hold.

  3. Don’t stop writing totally. Your stuff is awesome. I use it with my students from time to time to demonstrate the fab possibilities for sexual/asexual lives that exist. They admire and love it.

  4. I’m sorry to see the blog end, but you’ve written so many lovely pieces in the time you have blogging. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and I look forward to whatever comes next for you!

  5. So: Thank you for the past years and many an interesting/inspiring post.
    Good luck for whatever comes next!

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