A Masterlist of Writing on Asexuality

I’ve been looking back at some of the things I’ve posted on this blog about asexuality over the last week, and I’ve realised that there’s actually a lot more there than I thought there was. Which feels pretty good, to be honest, because over the past year I’ve not exactly felt the most confident in my asexuality-writing endeavours. This is possibly a side-effect of being an Honours student, and spending every bit of my reading and writing energy on my thesis. And probably some other things as well.

But, the thesis is now done and dusted, and seeing as I’m trying to tidy up the blog a bit, I thought I’d make a masterlist of all the things I’ve written over the past four years. Eventually I want to include this on the asexuality resource page I’m working on (just for this blog, nothing fancy). In the meantime, I thought I’d post it here as a reference for anyone who might be interested … More A Masterlist of Writing on Asexuality

Recent Writings in Other Places

In between digging and travelling, the last few months have also sent a few asexuality-related media and writing opportunities my way. Two have just been published – a piece over at Mamamia which I wrote after being contacted by one of their writers, and a piece for the Observer written by Alex Preston, for which I was interviewed. I also wrote a piece back in June for Role Reboot, which I’ll link to as well, for anyone interested in seeing what I’ve been up to in other spaces … More Recent Writings in Other Places

50th Edition of the Down Under Feminists’ Carnival

Welcome to the 50th Edition of the Down Under Feminists’ Carnival! Fifty editions is quite a milestone, though with the unclear status of the last few months, I’m not really sure if it is the fiftieth edition after all. But that does not matter, because I have a wonderful collection of submissions for the month … More 50th Edition of the Down Under Feminists’ Carnival

Interview with a Feminist Author: Joanne Hornimann (Part Two)

For part one of the interview, click here. Do you think that there is such thing as women’s writing (as separate to “normal” writing/men’s writing)? My character Sophie ponders this in My Candlelight Novel, and I don’t think she comes to a firm conclusion. Virginia Woolf said that you shouldn’t write as a woman or … More Interview with a Feminist Author: Joanne Hornimann (Part Two)

Interview with a Feminist Author: Joanne Hornimann

(Please excuse my terrible unoriginal post title.) I’m extremely lucky to know Joanne Hornimann – possibly the author whose novels lie closest to my heart and my experience. I’d read some of her novels before, but my main love for her writing came around while I was spending my gap year in Germany and was … More Interview with a Feminist Author: Joanne Hornimann

Off the Radar

This is a short story I wrote for next week’s upcoming issue of wom*news, the UQ Women’s Collective’s Zine. The theme for the issue is “sex! through a feminist lens” and I chose to look at an asexual perspective (one of many). Obviously I’ve put some personal experiences into writing this, but I’ve also made … More Off the Radar